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Bio- Medical Equipment And Temperature Controller Repair

Bio-medical equipment and temperature controller are made using modern technology and raw materials. The best equipment is made in a way that ensures that it complies with the best industry standards. This makes them more efficient and effective. As such, when the equipment breaks down, it is important to ensure that it is fixed by professionals who understand its operations. Otherwise, trying to fix the equipment or allowing a non-professional to handle the repair might damage the equipment further. MelRoya Technical Solutions L.L.C is a renowned provider of bio medical equipment repair services. We have repaired a wide range of bio-medical equipment from different manufacturers including Fluke and Omron successfully.

What we do

Once you hire us to repair your bio-medical equipment, we use the latest technology and tools to diagnose its problem before we proceed to repair it. Regardless of the design and configuration of your equipment as well as the support systems, we will adhere to the highest standard guidelines while fixing its problem. We have engaged in repair and maintenance of different bio-medical equipment brands and models. This has equipped us with sufficient knowledge and experience in the operations of this equipment. We use the latest technology in diagnosing problems and repairing all bio-medical equipment.

Exceptional repairs

If your medical equipment fails to function properly, it means that you may not attend to some patients in your facility. This implies that you will lose money. Our highly trained and experienced technicians understand how biomedical equipment works. It will take them a few minutes to determine its problem and before you know it, your equipment will be up and running. Additionally, we offer tips on how to prevent future break down of your equipment. This means that with our medical equipment repair, you will have as minimal downtime as possible.

Efficient and affordable repair

Our team is always standby waiting for your call. Once you contact us, we dispatch a team of highly trained and experienced medical equipment technicians who arrive at your facility promptly. These are equipped with the right tools and replacement parts that might be required to repair your equipment. Since our team of technicians will have everything that is necessary for the repair of your equipment, they offer same-day repair services. Thus, you will have your damaged medical equipment or temperature controller fixed within hours. Additionally, you save time if you take our 85 percent discount on new replacement parts.  

We have successfully carried out the Repairs of Bio-Medical Equipment of following manufacturers. OMRON & FLUKE.