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Manufacturing Single And Double Side PCB & Reconditioning PCB

Melriya is the best company to work with when it comes to manufacturing and reconditioning single side PCB. Single sided PCB is the start point and most basic point of the printed circuit technology. It is the starting point of this invention and it plays a crucial role in the circuit boards industry. PCB invention was aimed at providing a great mechanical components base and it uses printing in producing tracks that allow repeatability of the volume for interconnections. It also implies reliability of the connections in comparison to hand wiring. Other benefits of PCB include easy assembly in the production of volume electronic device.

Professional single and double side PCB manufacture

In the through-hole device technology, interconnecting large components numbers has limitations. This is because tracks are on the same side. But this provides a cheap way of gaining all the benefits of PCB in a simple circuit. Because of the surface finishes such as the level of Lead free hot air, organic surface protection and Nickel Gold, single sided boards are used for the surface mount devices and through hole. Although PCBS are simple when this technology is used, they are used in complex devices. This is the case with LED technology. However, double sided PCB provides the workhorse of the entire electronic industry and that is where we come in.

Our team

Our team comprises of highly trained, talented and experienced professionals. These are experts in the manufacturing and reconditioning PCB. With the increasing density and complexity of components, most PCPs require double side PCB. Usually, this is mostly supplemented with plated-through-holes in which copper connections are put through connecting holes to the boards opposite side. Whether you want us to manufacture single and double side PCB or reconditioning, we will handle the project for you. We can handle both the mechanical and electrical aspect of your PCB.

Custom-made PCB

Manufacturing single side PCB is not easy if you are not an experienced professional. Once you hire us, we manufacture customized single side printed circuit boards for your applications. You just need to share the needs of your electronic or application and we will come up with a custom-made single side or double side PCB board for you. Among the applications for which we make both single side and double side PCBs include:

  • Industrial controls
  • Converters
  • Power supplies
  • Instrumentation
  • Control relays
  • UPS systems regulators
  • Power conversion systems

Get in touch with us today for help in manufacturing or reconditioning single side PCB or double side PCB.