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Communication, Meteorological And Navigation Instruments (Including Radar And Sonar)

Melriya offers a wide range of innovative communication meteorological and navigation instruments. These include radar and sonar that have been tested thoroughly and proven to be highly reliable. All our instruments have been proven effective and efficient in delivering high precision in communication.

Quality navigation and meteorological instruments

Communication and navigation at the sea and in-land is very important especially when it comes to safety. Radar and Sonar capabilities can make or even break the fishing season of a fisherman. Using the right communication, meteorological and navigation instruments improves safety and performance of onboard electronic equipments including sensitive electronics that require clean power. Sonar and radar are essential when it comes to seas navigation. Commercial ships need specialized systems that include automatic identification to the other ships, safety electronics that support the maritime laws and global maritime distress among others. We offer quality instruments that will not fail you any time while navigating at the sea.

Sonar and radar equipment repair and maintenance

We are professionals in the industry with vast experience in maintaining and repairing communication, navigation and meteorological equipment. Our team comprises of electronics engineers with vast experience in maintaining and repairing different communication, meteorological and navigation electronic equipments. Once you hire us to repair your electronic equipment, we will identify its problem and fix it professionally and efficiently. We ensure that your equipment is maintained or repaired properly so that it does not fail you any time at the sea.

Comprehensive solutions to communication, navigation and meteorological instruments

Night and day time systems keep you posted on your surrounding including traffic, rain, hazards and sea birds among other issues. From lightweight to compact digital radomes and ultra-higher performance arrays, we have the best solutions for you. It does not matter what you want or what the problem of your instrument is. Melriya Technical Solutions LLC has you covered.

Excellent service

We know what navigation and meteorological electronic equipments mean to you. Once you contact us seeking help with your equipment, we pay close attention to your needs so that we can offer you the best solutions. Our team is highly trained, talented and experienced. It enables us to fix your equipment within the shortest time possible without compromising on service quality. If you have meteorological and navigation instruments that need repair, get in touch with us today. We guarantee you that we will fix it professionally and efficiently for you. 

Our engineer’s are experienced in all type of communication electronic equipments and provide highly reliable and thoroughly tested repairs.